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Why should I think about collecting observational data using BMFs?

Although we often think we know why certain things happen, we are often surprised when we stand back and view events more objectively-things that we thought were triggers for challenging behaviour might not be, and triggers that we hadn’t even thought about may become apparent. A really strong assessment therefore involves asking people what they think is happening (which is what the BAI does) with looking at whether this is actually the case (which is what the BMFs do).

In PBSpro, you can stop your assessment once you’ve produced your BAR if you want, or you can proceed to the next stage of collecting observational data. PBSpro produces an individualised recording form for you based on your BAR-you fill one of these in each time an episode of challenging behaviour occurs. When you’ve collected data from 15 episodes, you can input this into PBSpro and print out a summary analysis of the results. You can then use these results to refine your BAR-keeping in the triggers and reinforcers that are supported by the observations and removing, if you wish, those which were not.