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How does the BAI work?

The BAI takes the view that it is the people who are closest to individuals with challenging behaviour are the real experts when it comes to understanding that behaviour. They typically have a tremendous amount of information about the person and why they do what they do. The role of external experts, such as clinical psychologists, is to help a person’s natural carers interpret and make sense of this information and to produce a positive behavioural support plan for change.

The BAI is a structured behavioural interview that acts as a virtual psychologist. It is designed to help you put together all the information you have about a person and to structure this information in such a way that the reasons behind their behaviour challenges become more apparent. Throughout the programme, you will be asked to respond to a series of questions. The programme will take the information you provide, identify patterns within it, and present you with a summary view of what appears to be driving the behaviours that are causing concern.